I collaborate with talented teams & individuals to create successful businesses, and happy customers.

I’m Paul, a UI/UX designer living in Leeds (UK).

Over the past 9 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented teams (and individuals), to help improve their business ideas, through the careful creation of enjoyable interfaces.

Working remotely, I have connected with teams around the world, some of which have gone onto grow even bigger than I could have ever imagined.

Paul is absolutely amazing at turning ideas and problems into effective solutions. His designs are elegantly simple. Not only does he make things look beautiful, but he primarily makes things that are easy to understand, simple to use, and effective at helping customers feel successful.
Thomas KnollPrimeloop / 500 Startups

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a simple idea, through great collaboration, transform into a successful product.

They say; “If you find a job you love you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. Nothing could ring more true with me when it comes to UI/UX design.

After discovering HTML/CSS (a little over 10 years ago), it set me on a journey of self learning, which eventually transformed into a true passion for beautiful, useable, but most importantly enjoyable interfaces.

Throughout this journey I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people, on some fantastic products.

With each new team and product, I further strengthened my understanding of not only what makes users (customers) tick, but how to create an environment that allows people to do their greatest work.

By learning these lessons it’s allowed those I’ve collaborated with to achieve more than I could have ever imagined.

The majority of them have gone on to raise successful rounds of funding, seen continual month on month growth, or in some cases, successful acquisition.

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My work is founded on simplicity and enjoyment, below is a selection of that work.


Having utilised dozens of free and premium icon sets, I decided it was time for me to produce my own.

Initially I thought about charging for it, but realised that if it wasn’t for free icon sets I wouldn’t have been able to improve and progress as a designer.

I wanted something small (16x16), that was symmetrical, and would balance well in both vertical and horizontal lists.

Released under the CC-BY-SA-4.0 license they are free for both private & commercial work.

Head over to 16pxls.com to grab the latest release.


I worked with ARGO for just over 8 months. Initially brought on to replace a previous designer, I quickly got to work refactoring some initial designs, and overseeing implementation.

After several months, I took it upon myself to critique and improve the majority of the workflows, taking what we had learnt from user behaviour and issues that were raised from the customer care managers.

Each new improvement was slowly introduced, and monitored, allowing us to make small adjustments where needed.

Using more indicators and adjusting copy we saw a decrease in previous issues raised. This helped to improve customer confidence in using the application, which lead to greater on boarding success.

Since joining and working with the fantastic team, ARGO has seen a dramatic increase in customer numbers and successfully raised a Series A round of funding allowing it to evolve into one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.


I joined the amazing team at Primeloop for just over 6 months. Having recently come out of 500 Startups they were looking for someone to work on the UI and UX of the product.

While this was the main focus of work, I also helped with the implementation of the designs I produced.

Consisting of both a front end application and a Chrome browser extension, we went through many iterations before finalising on one particular feature of the product.

The application focused mainly on providing a way for customers to attach their retargeting data to any link they wished. This required setting up multiple connections to several retargeting services.

A long on boarding session was simplified by allowing just one service to be added at a time. This allowed customers to complete the necessary steps quickly, offering quick wins and increased satisfaction.

A month after I had completed work, Primeloop was successfully acquired.


I was approached by Predict.io to help build out a concept for an AI driven sales tool, which would be branded as ReContext. Utilising AI, customers would be able to see real-time data on their sales and individual buyers.

The product would have multiple layers of customisation, with the ability to segment on a range of potential factors, and would be able to learn customer behaviours.

Working as a small team, we quickly produced a working prototype which rapidly gained traction. However after a short time Predict.io was acquired by SalesForce.


Kapuno was a place for people to create communities and discussions around a range of topics.

Having already gained interest with an MVP, I was brought on board to bring the interface and experience up to par.

Having worked through several iterations, from high fidelity wireframes, to prototypes, I began creating a concept and branding guideline.

These concepts helped show a range of possibilities from mobile functionality, to user interaction with both the site and each other.

After a month of work, Kapuno were able to use these concepts to successfully raise a seed round of funding.

…a total pleasure to work with. He's got a sharp sense of good UX and UI, amazing empathy, and an intuitive grasp of what makes users tick.
Dillon ComptonHubspot

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I am always on the lookout to connect with talented, inspiring teams and individuals. Not just for paid work, but for collaboration, conversation and discussion.

If you like my work, and want to strike up a relationship to help create something great, don’t hesitate to send me an email or schedule a meeting and we’ll work out how we can start creating something great!

Please note: I work remotely, although not exclusive this is my preferred method of collaboration.